Expertise & Quality

We only use the best approved body shops so you will not only have the peace of mind of knowing your vehicle has been repaired correctly, it will also have been returned to the exacting standards to which it was built. The technicians working to restore your vehicle’s appearance and performance will be the people who know it best.


We only work with repair centers which meet or exceed our standards for tools, equipment, facilities, repair work, and the commitment to customer care.


Technicians with up-to-date, advanced skills and training + Approved repair methods guarantee the structural integrity of your vehicle is restored to its original condition ensuring safety.


Dealing with an accident can be so stressful enough, it’s our personal commitment to help you by delivering friendly and accommodating service, convenience and unsurpassed quality.

Our Promise to You

At Cargo, we work with all insurance companies, but our top priority is you, the vehicle owner. You can trust us to always look out for your best interests – never cutting corners. Choose Our Approved Repair Centers and rest assured that you’re doing the absolute best for the resale value and safety of your vehicle.